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Madhava Awasam: Seva Bharati

Seva Bharathi Child Labour Rehabilitation Program


The Madhava awasam was a result of Sewa bharati's efforts in child labour eradication.

Madhava Awasam Seva Bharathi Awasam: A new affection home for the poor children has been inaugurated in 11th August 2005 at Gollur Rangareddy District and currently holds 10 boys. The home shall strive to make the boys self-reliant by introducing self-help, gardening and such other trades.
Initially Located in the midst of Lust green farms 35 Kms from Hyderabad the state capital is Madhava Awasam in Gollur, a small hamlet, it is here that Seva Bharathi has set up an exclusive Home for the Children who are deprived of Childhood. Now the home is shifted to Hyderabad City 1 june 2009  and is located in the heart of the Old city of Hyderabad, Aliabad. There are 30 children in the home.
For whatever reasons they may have been that led them into child labour Seva Bharathi decided to give them a chance.

The failure of monsoons resulting in low yield unreliable agriculture is one reason for the unemployed poverty in villages. The first victims obviously are the little hands who have to forego their schools and join their parents in feeding themselves and lending a hand to their family. Seva Bharathi has taken upon itself to at least make role models out of these children for others to follow.

The Organisation set out after a thorough talent search exam with the help of not just the usual mathematics, general aptitude and other routine things, but also with a heart to select the talented children suffering in the clutches of the child labour. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers from the teaching fraternity represented by the APUS and the Psychologists association of Hyderabad as well as Seva Bharathi, a thorough verification of the financial status has been conducted.

One more thing that influenced the Volunteers of Seva Bharathi has been the fact that not less than 37% of the Residential bridge school beneficiaries after mainstreaming, whatever the efforts of the volunteers involved are end up back in child labour. To avoid this and bring childhood back to the children Seva Bharathi took up the task of providing rehabilitation and scholarship programme for the children at least until 10th class board exams and depending on their interest and talent later.

All 4 children have been selected from Seva Bharathi’s Rehabilitation homes for the bravery awards by the District administration headed by the District Collector. The children have performed extraordinary tasks of bravery. This year the Govt has been considerate with the cause of Child labour highlighting the cause and highlighting the children who have taken a turning point in their life after being rehabilitated.Madhava Awasam feels proud of its children as two of them are from Madhava Awasam

Tikkala Ramesh:S/o BachannnaAge: 12 yearsClass: 6thVillage: Kottapalli, Used to work: Cattle rearingHe scored first in Seva Bharathi's Talent exam out of 2345 participants; he now stands first in the schools of Rangareddy & Mahaboobnagar districts. In recognition of his efforts in tranforming himself & his studies he was selected for the award.

VamshiS/o KrishnaiahOrphan was picked up from the Hyderabad RailwaystationVillage: AddakulaAge: 14 yearsClass: 8thUsed to Work: In Hotel, Begging staying in bus n rail stations.

He is known for his talents in Games and Sports Long jump, High Jump. He is a very good singer in classical Annamacharya keertanas and won prizes by TTD and stood first in competition. He scored first in Science fair where he projected the ill affects of Eco degradation. He stood first in his class.

There is an inherent talent in every child it is a matter of time and the resources that we provide that brings it out into the open for applause.

Madhava Awasam
C/O sri saraswathy vidya mandir,
H No 18/3/463/1/182
Rajanna baavi,
Aliabad, Old city

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