Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Palamoor (Mahaboobnagar), Dr.Ambedkar Kala Bhavan.

Seva Bharathi of Palamoor Dist. (Mahaboobnagar) arranged a function at Dr. Ambedkar Kala Bhavan for adopting about 100 children rescued from child labour for education. Most of these students are either orphans or single parent children. Justice C. V. Ramulu presided over the function. In his address Sri C. V. Ramulu said that society should come to the rescue of those unfortunate people in distress. He also said that we find very heart rendering life behind them. Some people who are very fortunate in having protected life and settled in life ask “What the society has done to me, to do something to society?” this is not right.
Sri M. Jagadishwar, Dist. Collector commended the service of Seva Bharathi and others who came forward to help this unfortunate students. He said that government could give only hostel facilities for about 12,000 students only but there are more such people who need hostel facilities. The philanthropists must come forward in helping this people. He also praised the Seva Bharathi for the efforts they are doing in helping these unfortunate students.
Seva Bharathi has taken a big initiative to adopt 100 children for their education. Seva Bharathi has achieved this by motivating other philanthropists and organizations. 30 children will be taken care by Sri C.B.R. Prasad, noted industrialist, 30 orphaned children will be joining different orphanages run by Seva Bharathi, another 40 children will be given a residential education in Mahaboobnagar itself.
Sri R. Nagaraj, president, Seva Bharathi, Western Andhra Pradesh and Dr. Bharadwaj, Dist. President, Mahaboobnagar conducted the proceedings.

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